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What games do you play?  Here’s an opportunity to become “famous” and share your favorite game/activity ideas!  We are looking to build into one of the best places on the Web to find useful games, icebreakers, and teambuilding activities.  We need your game / activity suggestions! NOTE: We do NOT accept commercial solicitations nor digital games.  This site is for great activities that don’t require computers!

Here’s how to submit your own games:

  1. Be sure the game or activity doesn’t already exist on the website by doing a quick search (using the search engine on the upper right hand side).
  2. Be sure the game or activity is fun, inclusive, and high quality.
  3. Email us the following information:
  • The title or name of the game / activity
  • Game category, recommended age and number of players
  • Required materials
  • Instructions for how to play
  • Any other comments or suggestions
  • Your name and email (or say “Anonymous” if you do not wish to be credited)

Please format the description nicely so that we can approve ideas as fast as possible.  Our staff may make a few tweaks to keep the style consistent, but we will publicly give you credit for the contribution.

Email game and activity ideas to: stakis (at) group-games (dot) com.  Thanks for sending us your games.  Please spread the word about this site!

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