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Welcome to!  Here is a fantastic collection of easy-to-understand instructions for more than fifty play-tested, fun group games, sorted by type: action oriented games, icebreakers, stationary games, and team building exercises.  We’ve playtested all of these and highly recommend them!  See below for a description of each game type: action-oriented games,  icebreakers,  team building games, card games, party games, and more.  Try out these games for yourself at your next gathering and let us know what you think!

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Stationary Games

Action-Oriented group games typically are high energy games that may require running or other wacky antics. Ice Breaker group games and activities tend to be shorter games useful for the beginning of meetings, especially when there may be new people present. Stationary group games tend to be medium length games that take place in one area. Team Building activities are usually problem solving group games that are useful for building trust or teaching some kind of lesson related to team dynamics.  Card Games typically involve the use of a standard deck of cards. Party Games are perfect for your next soiree or gathering. is free, and we’re staying that way. If you find this site useful, please tell others about us on your blog or website!

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