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Ultimate Ninja Game

Summary: An action-packed, fast paced, hilarious game in which the object is to become the “ultimate ninja” — the person with the quickest reflexes! Dodge the other player’s attacks and get the others out.

Ages: 10 and up.  Recommended # of people: 6-12.  Messiness factor: Might break a sweat.  Materials required: None!

Instructions for the Ultimate Ninja Game

Ultimate Ninja is a great action-based game that involves quickness, a little bit of strategy, and skill.  The goal is to be the “ultimate ninja,” or the person who has the quickest reflexes.  Players try to eliminate others by successfully hitting their hands.  The game is played clockwise, with each person taking a turn.  On your turn, you are allowed one motion: (1) an attempt to hit another person’s hand with your hand, or (2) one movement, such as taking a step in any direction.  When a player is trying to hit your hand, you are allowed one motion to dodge the strike; however, you must hold this new position once you dodge.  If a player successfully hits your hand, you are “out” and you must leave the circle. The last person remaining wins.

Detailed Instructions:  Gather everyone and have all players stand towards the center of a room.  Have everyone say the words, “Ultimate… Ninja!” and then have everyone pose in a ninja stance.  Choose one person to begin the game.  On a person’s turn, he or she may try to strike someone’s hand with one motion, or he or she make move one step.  Once this person does his one motion, it immediately becomes the next person’s turn (following clockwise order).  The second person can immediately try to strike someone’s hand or take a step in any direction.  You are allowed to dodge in one motion when you think someone is trying to strike your hand; however, you must hold this new pose after you dodge.  For example, when a person named John tries to hit another person’s hand (e.g. Sally), Sally is allowed to move her arm backwards to dodge; however, Sally must hold this new pose until it’s her turn (or until someone else tries to strike her hand).

The Ultimate Ninja Game sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple.  The following photos and videos may help explain how this game works:

The start of a round
All players make an initial ninja pose
A player (in white) must contact another person’s hand to get them out
That person is “out” if successfully hit
Down to the final three

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