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Dragon Tag

Summary: Dragon Tag is an action-based game that is like tag, but with a twist!  Teams of 4-8 people form “dragons” by linking elbows and attempt to grab the “tail” of another team’s dragon.  Last team remaining wins.

Ages: 12 and up.  Recommended # of people: Groups of 4-8 people.  Messiness Factor: Might break a sweat!  Materials required: One scarf or bandana for each team.  Recommended Setting: Outdoors.

Instructions for Dragon Tag

Setup for the Dragon Tag Game

You need an area with a lot of space. Form teams of 4-8 people.  Make human chains by having team members hold on to each others waists or link elbows.  Each team of connected people is now a “dragon” with a head and a tail.  Place a scarf or bandana hanging in the back pocket of the last person in the chain (the tail of the dragon).

Rules for the Dragon Tag Game

People who are part of a human chain cannot let go and get separated!  The goal of the game is to have the head of each dragon (the front of the chain) to grab the scarf or bandana off the tail of another team’s dragon while staying linked.  If any part of a team’s dragon gets separated, the detached tail end cannot move; only the head and the people attached to the head can move. You cannot go after another team until you have reconnected your body together.

A team can perform defense by curling up into a ball. You can curl up as a whole dragon or just the tail if the head has been detached.  All teams attempt to do this simultaneously.  When any team loses their flag (i.e., when another team grabs their flag) they are out.  The last remaining team is the winner!

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