Action Games

Dragon Tag

Summary: Dragon Tag is an action-based game that is like tag, but with a twist!  Teams of 4-8 people form “dragons” by linking elbows and attempt to grab the “tail” of another team’s dragon.  Last team remaining wins.

Ages: 12 and up.  Recommended # of people: Groups of 4-8 people.  Messiness Factor: Might break a sweat!  Materials required: One scarf or bandana for each team.  Recommended Setting: Outdoors.

Ice Breakers Team Building

Human Knot Icebreaker

Human Knot photoSummary: A good icebreaker or teambuilding activity for new people to learn to work together – in close physical proximity! The goal is to figure out how to untangle the human knot without letting go of hands.

Ages: 12 and up. Recommended number of people: 7-200 (group sizes of 10 are ideal). Messiness factor: Might break a sweat – (close proximity – hope you’re not claustrophobic!). Materials required: None. Recommended setting: Both indoors or outdoors.