Ice Breakers

Name Game

Summary:  A simple icebreaker useful for introducing people to each other and helping people learn names.  This game is especially useful when there are new people present.

Ages: 10-21 years old.  Recommended # of People: 5-20.  Messiness Factor: No Sweat.  Materials Required: A fun attitude.  Recommended Setting: Indoors.

The Name Game

How to play

The Name Game (also known as the Adjective Game) starts with one person in the room picking a word that describes himself or herself as a person. The catch is, that the word must start with the first letter of their first name.  For example, my students call me Miss Velasquez.  I would say “Hello! My name is Vivacious Velasquez.” The person after me must say my adjective and name before saying theirs.  So they would go, “Hello, Vivacious Velasquez, my name is Silly Sam.” Then the third person would go, “Hello, Vivacious Velasquez, and Silly Sam, my name is Easy-going Edwin.”  This continues on until all of the students have gone. Being last is hilarious in this game, because they must remember everyone’s name AND adjective before stating theirs.

Additional comments and suggestions

I’ve played this game in college and, of course, used my first name. I said, “Hello, my name is I-love-you Irene.” It was funny because everyone after me had to say “Hello, I-love-you Irene, I’m (insert witty adjective and name here).”  This is neat because you don’t necessarily have to pick a single word that describes you.  In fact, it doesn’t have to be an adjective at all.  Notice, however, that the first word of my phrase started with the letter “I.”  This is the only rule that cannot be broken. The more creative you are the better and more humorous the game will be.  This game will help students that may not already know each other to get to know one another better. When students pick their adjective (or phrase) it will also double as a great “tip” for the next person if they get stuck and cannot remember the other student’s name.

(This game was contributed by Irene Velasquez.  Thanks Irene!)

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