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Couch Game

Summary: A memory-based game in which males and females compete to get all members of their team seated on the couch.

Ages: 10 and up.  Recommended # of People: 10-30.  Messiness Factor: No Sweat.  Materials Required: Paper, a couch or four chairs, pens.  Recommended Setting: Indoors

The Couch Game

How to Play

The Couch Game (also known by the name Kings and Queens) is a memory-based game that takes a moment to learn.  Form a circle with the couch (or four chairs) as part of the circle. Place two males and two females on the couch, and have the rest of the people fill in the circle, in alternating order (guy next to girl — no two guys next to each other, and no two girls next to each other). One chair must be left open. Have everyone fill out their name on a piece of paper. Place all the pieces of paper in a container. Go around the room and have someone pick out a piece of paper with someone’s name on it (they cannot have their own name). They must not let anyone know whose name they have. The person to the left of the empty chair begins by calling out someone’s name. The person who is holding a paper with that name must move from their seat to the empty seat. The object of the game is for the guys to get four guys on the couch while the girls try to get four girls on the couch. This game is a memory-based game which sometimes leads to humorous results due to its gender-based competitive nature.

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