Stationary Games

Hot Seat

Summary: A good get-to-know-you game in which players take turn on the “hot seat”, being asked a barrage of questions, some hypothetical, some silly, and some interesting.

Ages: 10 and up.  Recommended # of people: 5-10.  Messiness Factor: No Sweat.  Materials Required: A chair.  Recommended Setting: Indoors.

The Hot Seat

Instructions: Take a chair and identify it as “the hot seat.”  Set a timer for any length of time (e.g. something like 2 or 3 minutes should be plenty) and ask each person to take a turn on the hot seat. Once they are seated, the timer begins and people may ask the seated person any question in rapid-fire succession.  The hot seat member is allowed to say “pass” for any too personal questions — try to avoid asking these, as it can ruin the fun. The players should be encouraged to ask good, meaningful questions that can allow the person to share significant and important things about himself or herself, such as:

  • “What were your greatest disappointments in your life?”
  • “What would you do if you won the lottery?”
  • “If money were no object and you were guaranteed to be successful, what job would you do as a career?”
  • “If you could meet and have dinner with any person who ever lived, who would it be and why? What would you ask that person?”
  • “What three words would you use to describe yourself?”

Questions can be funny, too, such as:

  • “What was your most embarassing moment?”
  • “What was the silliest thing you’ve ever done?”

The game serves as a great way to get to know each other. Write my essay online article source cheap research papers You are absolutely right. In it something is also idea excellent, agree with you. Variations of the game include: allowing the player on the hot seat to lie, and then having the rest of the players “challenge” the player in order to win points; adding judges to award the most interesting facts; among other variations.

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