Ice Breakers

Whose Story Is It?

Summary: An icebreaker in which you read various (bizarre) stories and try to guess whose true story it is.

Ages: All. Recommended # of People: 8-20. Messiness Factor: No Sweat. Materials Required: Paper, pens, container. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

Whose Story Is It?

This simple icebreaker can be a fun method to hear fascinating true stories about your friends.


Pass out slips of paper and pens. Have everyone briefly write down a true story or experience that happened to them on the paper along with their name. The more bizarre, the better.  Fold the slips of paper and put them into the container, shuffling them and mixing them up. It is ready to support you. A mediator picks out four slips of paper and calls out the names of the people. These people go and sit on chairs or a couch apart from the group. The mediator reads off the stories and then the group tries to figure out whose story is whose. The group does this by asking different people to tell different stories. The people on the couch try to convince the group that the story they tell really is theirs. After everyone on the couch has told a few different stories, the group votes. This repeats until everyone has gone up. The main goal of the game is to have fun telling stories and learn a few interesting or humorous facts about each other.

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