Team Building

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Summary: A team-based scavenger hunt with a twist — bringing back digital photos (or polaroids) of interesting places and things.

Ages: 14 and up.  Recommended number of people: Teams of about 4 people.  Messiness Factor: Be prepared to walk around.  Materials Required: Cameras for each team.  Recommended Setting: Outdoors.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list of about ten interesting places, things, and circumstances that can be captured using a camera.  You could list, for example:

  • A group photo with someone famous
  • The most relaxing place you can find
  • The biggest tree
  • A group photo with someone dressed in a tuxedo
  • A photo with a yellow car
  • A fast food worker
  • A human pyramid of at least seven people
  • The funniest thing you can find

And so on.  Be creative.  Divide the group into teams of about four people.  Make sure each team has at least one functioning camera (preferably digital, although polaroid is okay too).

Set a time limit for the groups (e.g. two hours or so).  Instruct the teams to find as many things on the list and take a picture with all the group members in the photo. When time expires, have all members reconvene and present their photos along with the checklist. Award one point for each successful photo item and bonus points for extra creativity or effort.

This activity is good for building team chemistry and for creating funny memories.  Be sure to provide adequate supervision if there are young participants.  Have fun, and always keep safety first!

See also another excellent guide for how to play the Photo Scavenger Hunt.

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