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Team Story Game

Summary:  A funny storywriting game that involves creating a story as a team.  Each player adds the next line of the story.

Ages:  8 and up.  Recommended number of players: Teams of at least six.  Messiness factor:  No mess!  Materials required: None – just a great sense of humor!

Team Story Game

The Team Story Game (also known as the “Once Upon a Time…” Game is a funny game involving creativity and a group of people making a story together.


Form teams of at least six players.  You can prepare a theme in advance if you wish.  For example, you can require all stories to be about a certain topic (e.g. Christmas, or food, or relationships).  Have everyone form a line.

Playing the Team Story Game

Each team will construct a story.  Each person is only allowed to say one sentence and must continue the story.  The first player in line begins the story by saying “Once upon a time…” and completes the sentence. The next person in line must continue the story and have it make sense.  This process continues until it reaches the last person in the team’s line.  The last person in line must conclude the story in one sentence as well.

Have team create a story.  If you wish, judges can decide which story is the best. This game is a silly game that usually leads to hilarious stories!

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