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Chubby Bunny Game

Summary:  A hilarious action game that involves stuffing marshmallows in your mouth and trying to yell, “Chubby Bunny!”

Ages:  10 and up.  Recommended number of players: 3 and up.  Messiness factor:  Have a trash can and paper towels ready for a marshmallow mess.  Materials required:  A few bags of medium to large sized marshmallows.

Chubby Bunny

Chubby Bunny is a simple yet hilarious game that involves adding marshmallows to players’ mouths, one at a time, and getting players to yell the words “Chubby Bunny.”

How to play:   Have three or more players go to the front of the room.  Have paper towels or a large trash can ready, as this game can end up being a bit messy.  Open up a bag of medium to large sized marshmallows.  Give a marshmallow to each player, and have them insert it into their mouth.  Do not let them chew or swallow the marshmallow. After each player has inserted a marshmallow in their mouth, each player takes turns screaming, “Chubby Bunny!”

If each person is successful in yelling the words with the marshmallow in their mouth, they survive and continue playing the game.  Give each player another marshmallow.  They must insert this marshmallow and yell “Chubby Bunny!” again.  This process continues, and each player’s mouth will start to become full of marshmallows.  As long as the player can yell “Chubby Bunny” successfully without losing any marshmallows out of their mouth, they keep playing.  When a person is unable to yell “Chubby Bunny,” they are out of the game.

Warning: Be careful! This game can lead to choking if improperly played.  Always supervise players.  Safety first!

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