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Capture the Flag

Summary: A team based action game in which the goal is to locate and recover the opposing team’s flag before they do the same. A “jail” houses those who have been caught (tagged by the opposing team).

Ages: 10 and up.  Recommended # of People: 20+. Messiness Factor: Sweaty. Materials Required: Two flags (any durable, safe, and noticeable object). Recommended Setting: Outdoors.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a popular team-based action game that is typically held outdoors.  It is a fast paced cousin of “It Tag,” with lots of running and chasing, and some strategy.  The following is the traditional version, although there are many variations of the game.

How to Play

Divide the players into two teams. Agree upon the legal boundaries of play, determine the location of two “jails” (one for each team) and set up a middle boundary between the two teams. At the beginning of each round, each team hides and defends their own “flag,” which is any object that is durable and safe to toss around and run with (e.g. a bright T-shirt or cone). The flag must not be obscured; it needs to be more than 50% visible. Optionally, you may have more than one flag if there are enough people. The object of the game is for one team to grab the flag of the other team and bring it over to their own side. When a member of the opposing team crosses over the middle boundary into the opposing team’s territory, the other team is allowed to tag the person and take them to a “jail” where they stay until they are released (tagged) by one of their own team members who has not yet been captured.

Be sure there is plenty of space outdoors, as there will be lots of running involved.  Also remember: safety first. Clear the area of any dangerous obstacles or hazards.

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