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Ghost in the Graveyard

Summary: An action game that is typically played outdoors at night. One person is the “ghost” who hides. The others search for the ghost and when he or she is discovered, he or she yells “Ghost in the Graveyard!” and everyone must try to run back to base before the ghost tags them.

Ages: 10 and up. Recommended # of people: At least 5 players. Messiness factor: Hiding and a lot of running involved. Materials: None, flashlights optional. Setting: Outdoors at night, a safe, large outdoor area to play in.

Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the Graveyard is a game that involves hiding, seeking, and chasing. It’s a good activity for nighttime family or group fun.  Be sure to wear comfortable sneakers, as the game involves some running around.

Setup for Ghost in the Graveyard

There is no real setup necessary for this game, except to ensure that the area is safe from dangerous obstacles. Choose a central location to be the “home base” for the game.

How to Play Ghost in the Graveyard

Gather everyone at the home base. You’ll need a large outdoor play area for this game. Tell everyone the boundaries of play and make sure everyone knows not to go past these boundaries.

To begin, choose a volunteer to be the “ghost.” This person leaves the base and hides somewhere within the boundaries while everyone else closes their eyes. After a minute or two, the rest of the group counts aloud: “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…” until they reach midnight.

At this point, everyone leaves the base and searches for the ghost. The first person to spot the ghost yells “Ghost in the graveyard!” and all the seekers rush back as fast as they can to base. The ghost chases after everyone and whoever is tagged becomes next ghost.

This game is best to play when it is early evening or dark, but be sure to take measures to keep everyone safe, as running in areas with low light can lead to possible injury. Keep safe and have fun!

(Contributed by Vince) Thanks Vince!

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