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Summary: SPUD is an action game that incorporates some elements of dodge ball. The ball is tossed up high, someone catches it, yells “SPUD!”, take three big steps, and tries to get someone out!

Ages: All. Recommended # of people: At least 8 players. Messiness factor: Lots of running and throwing. Materials required: A soft ball that does not hurt when thrown. Recommended setting: Outdoors.

The Spud Game

Spud is a simple, fast-paced action game that contains running, dodging, and throwing. It is a popular camp or kids game, but youth group students, college students and adults will probably enjoy playing this game too. Lots of variations exist for this game — be creative!

How to Play Spud

To set up the Spud Game, have each player count off and remember their number. An optional variation is to have more than one person per number. After everyone is assigned a number, have each player group together in a bunch. One person starts with the ball in the center of the bunch.

At the beginning of each round, the person with the ball (who is in the center of the bunch) throws the ball upwards to the sky while yelling a number. Everyone disperses and runs in all different directions away from the bunch except for the person(s) whose number was called. The person whose number was called catches the ball and then yells “Spud!” When he or she yells this, everyone must freeze. The person with the ball then is allowed to take three giant steps toward any player. He or she throws the ball and tries to hit someone. To dodge, players are allowed to move all parts of their body except they may not move their feet at all. If a player is hit the first time, he or she earns the letter “S”, eventually spelling the word S-P-U-D. The person who was hit becomes the new thrower; otherwise, the thrower who missed earns a letter. The next round begins and play continues. Whoever spells the letter S-P-U-D is out of the game; alternatively, if you do not wish to eliminate players, you can set a time limit and whoever has the least amount of letters when time expires is the winner.

(This game was contributed by Andy M. Thanks Andy!)



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