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Drip, Drip, Drop Game

Summary:  An action game that has some similarities to Duck, Duck, Goose.  It involves guessing and potentially getting a cup of water dumped on you!

Ages:  8 and up.  Recommended number of players: 5 and up.  Messiness factor:  People will get wet.  Materials required:  A large cup and water.

Drip, Drip, Drop

Drip, Drip, Drop is a simple game that involves a bit of guessing and getting other players wet.

How to play:   Fill up a large cup with water.  Give it to one player (e.g. John).  Everyone sits in a circle.  The player with the cup (John) chooses a category and announces it to the group (for example, colors).  John then chooses a color without telling the group. The person walks around the group, stopping at each group member. The group member must guess which color the person has chosen. If they guess the wrong color, the person drops a little bit of water on them. If the group member guesses correctly, the person dumps some water on them (pours the cup of water). Then both members must run around the circle and be the first person to sit back down in that spot (just like in duck-duck-goose).

Submitted by: Katelynn Sovie.  Thanks Katelynn!

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