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Wall Ball

Summary: Wall Ball is a classic playground game that involves throwing the ball against a wall, catching it without fumbling the ball, and trying to get others out! Many variations exist for this simple group game.

Ages: 8 and up. Recommended # of people: At least 4. Messiness Factor: Get ready to break a sweat! Materials required: A small bouncy ball of some sort (e.g. a racquetball, tennis ball, etc.). Recommended Setting: Outdoors or in a very large room with a flat wall (e.g. side of a building) and a hard, flat floor.

Rules for Wall Ball

Wall Ball is a classic playground game played by children everywhere. It’s fun for adults too!

The object of the game is simple: a person throws a ball against a wall, and anyone can try to catch it. The person who tries to catch it must catch it cleanly (no drops). If a person drops the ball or touches the ball in any way without catching it, that person must quickly run up and touch the wall before another person can catch the ball and throw it against the wall.

If the ball hits the wall before the player is able to touch it, the person is given a “strike.” Each player gets three “strikes” before they are out of the game (or you can assign some form of mild punishment, like making the person do the chicken dance).


Many different various exist for Wall Ball. For example, when someone catches the ball, they can assign rules such as:

  • one handed catch only
  • catch on one foot
  • left handed catch only

And so on. If someone forgets to follow the rule, they must also run to the wall and touch it to prevent getting an “out”.

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